BizBarcelona Notes

Innovation is either increasing profits or reducing cost by optimizing resources. So in some sense innovation can be considered merely as doing good business. The only difference may be that innovation would be the new or the next good business.

Thus innovation is just the next good business.

The goal must be for companies to turn their business model from an asset based into a knowledge based one. By selling their expertise in that business rather than being in it self.


The idea is to keep your business: Lean + Agile + Simple

Book references of these concepts:

  • Lean thinking or lean startup
  • Agile project management

Check every simple process and classify according to:

  • Whether is need or not
  • Whether is adding perceived value or not
Act as follows:
  • No need - No value --> Eliminate it
  • Needed - No value --> Outsource it
  • Needed - Value --> Invest/Inprove it
  • No need - Value --> Review it


  • Use more drawn schemes and less ppt
  • Have the simplest web (just 1 page)
  • Update great blog and social presence
  • No office
  • No IT infrastructure
  • Review every activity, process and department

Innovation comes from universities not from established companies it
comes from university startup or enterprises. Japan's low growth rates
in last years started when entrepreneurship decreased.

Seed: Office for Scientific Entrepreneur and Enterprise Development
University of Tokyo - Division University Corporate Relations